The evolution of the eyebrows throughout history

It may seem like now, more than ever, we are obsessed with our brows browsessed if you willbut in truth, women have been grooming their brows and shaping them since BC.

The evolution of the eyebrows throughout history

Eyebrow Shape Evolution Throughout a Century Jul 12, Beauties, have you ever thought about how a seemingly small thing can fundamentally change your image?

This could be the new color of lipstick or the new shape of eyebrows. These transformations are worth seeing! The importance of eyebrows and their ability to change the appearance is known to any common girl, who could even write a successful thesis on this topic.

Most modern beauties would rather leave the house without mascara or lipstick or stay at home than without eyebrow makeup. All this eyebrow fashion is not a fresh trend. In fact, it is already a hundred years old. Fashion changed frequently, generations replaced generations, and beauty standards of the female face experienced transformations together with them.

Alle Connell, the editor of Revelistdemonstrated in the fast forward mode how eyebrow makeup looked over decades. They preferred not to pluck them, as far as it can be judged from the old photographs. But there was an interesting tendency to darken the eyebrows. It was especially popular among the blondes.

The evolution of the eyebrows throughout history

The faces must have looked more expressive even on pale pictures. The reason was purely utilitarian: Except for the role of dramatic martyrs, the stars of that time gained the screen image of a fatal temptress. The unforgettable Greta Garbo became its vivid embodiment.

Moreover, it was this decade that made decorative cosmetics widely available. So, the trend together with dark pencils quickly embraced masses of people. Yet, fashion was not so easy to defeat. Of course, the hardships and social changes could not but leave their imprint.

They affected even the eyebrows, which clearly acquired several masculine features. That was understandable as women had to demonstrate courage and wanted to remain feminine at the same time. The war was over, and femininity in its purest form began to regain its positions.

The most famous blonde in history, Marilyn Monroe, became the symbol of beauty and sexuality in the middle of the last century. Of course, women tried to imitate her in everything, including the shape of eyebrows.

Short, wide-set and coquettishly bent eyebrows adorned the faces of the then ladies. Such a shape made the eyes proportionately larger, the nose smaller.

Girls looked like dolls! They asserted their freedom of individuality. Even if it meant to look like aliens. Do you want to see the most fashionable eyebrows of that time? Study the photos of Penelope Tree models in the picture and of well-known Twiggy. Apparently, this was done to save as much space as possible for glitter eyeshadows, just like sweet-voiced Donna Summer did.

Primarily, this affected female eyebrowssignificantly grown since the disco era.Jul 09,  · Most of you prefer heavier eyebrows, but just like hairstyles, makeup shades, and clothing fashions, different shapes and textures of eyebrows go in and out of style over time.

In the the '20s and '30s, it was all Home Country: US. PHOTOS: A History in Eyebrows: The Most Popular Shapes of Every Decade.

The evolution of the eyebrows throughout history

We put together a retrospective look at the most-popular shapes by the decade, spanning from the s to today. Watch video · Brow history on FLEEK. Eyebrows Throughout History. Brow history on FLEEK. Posted on December 15, , GMT Cissy J.

Worstell. BuzzFeed Motion Pictures Fellow Share On. Eyebrow trends throughout history have alternated between bushy, natural-looking brows to pencil-thin brows that made a statement. In the distant past, the eyebrow styles reflected the ideals of the culture.

The more recent decades, starting in the s, it became the movie stars who came to dictate which eyebrow style was in-vogue. Eyebrows - Unibrows. Eyeshadow - Natural shades. Skin - Pale. The goal of ancient Greek cosmetics was natural beauty.

Unibrows were the popular eyebrow style for ancient Greek women. Those who couldn’t grow one naturally would either glue animal fur between their existing brows, or create one with kohl.

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Eyebrow Shapes Throughout History and the Women Who Started Each Trend