The effect of an employee s inital

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The effect of an employee s inital

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While the goal remains to make new employees feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings, and minimize the time before they are productive, proponents have described the process of onboarding as more about retaining talent than simply orienting the new hire.

In unfamiliar territory, new hires tend to grasp for an understanding of their environment, including making meaning out of the actions and inactions of their new employer.

Greater significance is placed on any displays of slipshod or poorly thought out onboarding, and can be taken as indicators of the company as a whole.

However, research indicates, that employees who attended a structured orientation program were considerably more likely to remain with the company after three years than those who did not go through such a program.

Miscommunication can lead to employee performance contrary to company best practices. Reinforcing consistent messages during the initial training program is crucial to avoiding mistakes later on. While information that equips the new hire to become a full team player should be divulged, he or she should not be overloaded with available intelligence.

Best performing companies distinguish themselves by leveraging technology, such as portals, to assist with delivering messages and integrating employees. Employees will also feel confident that the answers to their questions are readily available and do not require them to remember everything on the first day.

Employees need to know specifically how their jobs, and doing them well, makes the vision and mission possible. This can be imparted through social gatherings, as it will encourage openness and informality. An orientation program that is interesting and interactive not only communicates a positive outlook about the high quality of the organization, but helps employees retain information more effectively.

Onboarding should be broken down into a manageable size to make it more effective. Organizations have found that breaking training down and even extending it into two days formats or four half-day modules would likely communicate an impressive message.

Orientation programs that create inspiring experiences reassure new hires they made the right choice and lay the foundation for high employee engagement.

Assigning an experienced mentor, preferably someone in the same general business area will give the newcomer a reliable contact source. Published reports state that best-in-class organizations are nearly 2. An effective mentoring program provide recognition and provide mentors with coaching skills training and professional development opportunities for current employees, keeping them motivated and productive.

Determining the success of the program and measuring results can be gained from feedback. During the initial training program, communicating the need for employee input is important to ensuring a consistent high-level delivery experience. Successful organizations have collected feedback after the orientation program and then at various milestones over the course of the first 90 days to gain rating on aspects of the process.

Making alternative communication methods available also invites feedback, especially from those not comfortable, or reluctant to contribute. A wider selection including anonymous surveys and suggestion boxes will work and will continue to garner input if employees see their suggestions being put into actionable changes.

The easier it is for new hires to give honest feedback, the better job the organization can do retaining them. Constructive feedback should also be offered within the first few weeks to ensure proper integration.

Studies have shown that the more engaged new employees are, the longer they will stay. Starting employees off right solidifies positive messages conveyed in the recruiting process. By doing so, new employees experience a sense of purpose within their new organization and the transition into the organization is less disruptive.

To avoid a stand-alone system of onboarding, without appropriate support and coaching, the process should be viewed as just the first step in an ongoing employee-support program. It is important to streamline its efficiency, consistency and flexibility to reap the benefits of improved company brand, increased employee engagement, retention and productivity as well as building shared corporate culture.

An onboarding program executed effectively with proper management support is well worth the investment and can be one of the most significant contributions made towards achieving long-term organizational success.

A well formatted procedure that designs an employee-centric experience, welcomes new hires and steers them through the onboarding process will reinforce their value on the team. Endnotes [1] Employee Onboarding.Yes, I was offered a nursing position in a women’s Drug and Alcohol rehab in to do telephone assessments and medications.

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The effect of an employee s inital

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The effect of an employee s inital

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