The despairing act of self harm essay

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The despairing act of self harm essay

Factors that are associated with self-harm Demographics, socioeconomic factors and life events Self-harm is more common in the young with the incidence peaking between the ages of 15 and 19 years in females and 20 and 24 years in males.

Self-harm occurs in all sections of the population but is more common among people who are disadvantaged in socioeconomic terms and among those who are single or divorced, live alone, are single parents or have a severe lack of social support Meltzer et al. Life events are strongly associated with self-harm in two ways.

These include victimisation and, in particular, sexual abuse Meltzer et al. Many people who self-harm have a physical illness at the time and a substantial proportion of them report this as the factor that precipitated the act De Leo et al.

Some evidence suggests that a family history of self-harm may be a risk factor for repetition of self-harm. A large-scale cross-sectional study with over 6, participants conducted among young people in England Hawton et al.

Although this was based on students' self-reports resulting in possible ascertainment bias, this finding suggests there is an intergenerational transmission of risk, one explanation for which is genetic susceptibility.

The association between self-harm and mental disorder Most people who attend an emergency department following an act of self-harm will meet criteria for one or more psychiatric diagnoses at the time they are assessed Haw et al.

More than two thirds would be diagnosed as having depression although within 12 to 16 months two thirds of these will no longer fulfil diagnostic criteria for depression.

People diagnosed as having certain types of mental disorder are much more likely to self-harm Skegg, For this group, the recognition and treatment of these disorders can be an important component of care.

In one survey of a sample of the British population, people with current symptoms of a mental disorder were up to 20 times more likely to report having harmed themselves in the past Meltzer et al. The association was particularly strong for those diagnosed as having phobic and psychotic disorders.

People diagnosed as having schizophrenia are most at risk and approximately half of this group will have harmed themselves at some time.

The despairing act of self harm essay

Also, people who self-harm more often have interpersonal difficulties. It is possible to apply diagnostic criteria to these characteristics.

The despairing act of self harm essay

This explains why nearly half of those who present to an emergency department meet criteria for having a personality disorder Haw et al.

However, there are problems with doing this because: The diagnostic label tends to divert attention from helping the person to overcome their problems and can even lead to the person being denied help National Institute for Mental Health in England, Moreover, this stigma may prevent those who self-harm from seeking help Fortune et al.

The association between self-harm and alcohol and drug use Approximately half of people who attend an emergency department following self-harm will have consumed alcohol immediately preceding or as part of the self-harm episode Horrocks et al.

For many, this is a factor that complicates immediate management either by impairing judgement and capacity, or by adding to the toxic effects of ingested substances.Essay on Self Harm Words | 16 Pages.

Deliberate self-harm is a term that covers a wide range of behaviours some of which are directly related to suicide and some are not. This is a relatively common behaviour that is little understood. The Despairing Act of Self Harm Essay. Words 4 Pages.

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Have you ever, coincidentally, walked passed somebody with deep, open cuts on his/her wrist and. Self-mutilation is the deliberate, direct destruction or alteration of one's body without suicidal intent.

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The Despairing Act of Self Harm Essay - Have you ever, coincidentally, walked passed somebody with deep, open cuts on his/her wrist and wondered what happened. Maybe, you thought it was a simple, harmless scratch caused by obnoxious pets at home.

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