The artist of the beautiful essay

Hawthorne's Artist of the Beautiful By: In other cases we ask ourselves whether or not the character is living in a dream and perhaps out of touch with reality.

The artist of the beautiful essay

I believe each of my paintings and sculptures are a visual record of my direct and invisible communion with the spiritual process of creation. Faith in the will of the power of creation is replacing my less significant will and limited personal understanding of what it is to be a creator.

Instead I participate in serving the process by letting it visualize through me on paper or in clay what has heretofore been unseen. It is a most real source because I experience its presence independent of my will yet it is entwined with my being and with the creation of each work.

The composer Richard Wagner wrote to his friend Frau Wesendonck I am more and more unable to understand how I could produce such a thing. The greatest art is the artless and comes as a surprise to the artist" The process of creation is in a constant state of decay and renewal. So is my work. I also marvel as I participate in it.

I can only look back at the finished art in order to describe it because to know what it will be ahead of its actual step by step evolution is impossible. The practice of remaining poised in a state of unknowing while working on a work of art until the unbidden ideas appear and move me into the numerous actions that create a painting or sculpture is constantly refined.

It is a maturing discipline of patience, waiting and listening before, during and after a creative action is executed. I have achieved a degree of effortlessness and hence I am less mired in endless personal strivings such as color, line, volume, composition, space and concept.

What is universally beautiful is in constant flux as it presents itself through me. The process of creating manifests into a work of fine art more and more now by the power of grace and less by my intent.

Paintings and Watercolor Constructions The watercolors are presented as panels that have dimension to them.

The artist of the beautiful essay

The watercolor constructions are even more three dimensional. The watercolor panels are created by scoring and folding the edges. Then strips of acid free rice paper are attached to the back edge of the works, a piece of acid free paper the size of the work is then laid down and finally a half inch foam core board is placed.

Then the edges of the works with the rice paper strips are pulled around to the back of the foam core panel and glued. This process insures that the painting is mounted in an acid free way. The panel in turn is mounted on a gray acid free mat and then that mat is mounted on black foam core board.

The whole work can be traditionally framed. Ceramic Sculpture I generally construct each sculpture by intuitively joining dark and light clays.

This is a visual metaphor for the joining of opposites and the union of diversity in life. Then I run the joined clay through a slab roller which intimately fuses the clay and gives me a uniform thickness.

All the work is allowed to slowly dry to become green ware. It is then bisque fired and either low fired or high fired to different temperatures. During the firing salt is introduced into the kiln and its reaction with the silica of the clay creates a beautiful dark color with a slight pebbled texture.

It is my favorite way of firing clay. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail: Thank You, Peter Scaturro The Creative Consciousness The creative consciousness--the more you explore it the more awake your mind becomes.

It is the very consciousness of the process of creation. It is the living of it while executing a work in progress that takes practice. This is my aim as I paint and sculpt with clay.“The Artist of the Beautiful” is a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne and was first published in in The United States Magazine and Democratic Review, a well-regarded political and literary magazine that released issues throughout the early 19th century in the United States.

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In "The Artist of the Beautiful" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, creative process is represented as the practice of creating an animated mechanism in the shape of a butterfly and imbuing it with the spirit of Owen Warland – the pursuer of beauty.

To make his point about art and the artist, Hawthorne uses allegory. Each of the characters in the story represents an attitude or principle.

Owen embodies the artistic quest. Robert Danforth. The artists in Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Artist of the Beautiful," Barbara Pollack's "Stitches in time," and Carl Jung's "The Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature" represent some Show More Life and Art of Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo.

The Artist of the Beautiful. An elderly man, with his pretty daughter on his arm, was passing along the street, and emerged from the gloom of the cloudy evening into the light that fell across the pavement from the window of a small shop.

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