Report sustainability in audi ag

Essentially it means seeking the minimization of any adverse long-term impacts on future generations.

Report sustainability in audi ag

This increase in workforce numbers enabled us to expand our production capacities in line with the higher demand for our products.

We also employed 21, people in the United States Our consolidated subsidiaries in China had 2, employees at the end of last year You can find further information about the development of our workforce in the individual divisions in Report sustainability in audi ag Management Report of this Annual Report.

We therefore provide our staff with training and continuing education opportunities throughout their entire careers. Our range of qualification measures includes practical training courses, seminars, workshops, specialist conferences and instruction with digital media.

On average, every employee spent 4. Daimler adopts a holistic approach when it comes to recruiting and promoting talented young people.

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For example, our Genius initiative provides children and teenagers with valuable insights into the technologies of the future and career opportunities in the automotive industry.

School leavers can apply to participate in a technical or commercial training program at one of our locations, or to study at the Cooperative State University. They can also apply directly to our company for an entry-level position via our CAReer program.

InCAReer once again enabled approximately college graduates from around the world to begin a career. The program focuses on graduates in technical and commercial fields with above-average grades and initial practical experience.

We intend to strengthen our production and sales activities, especially in growth markets, by securing highly skilled employees as needed.

We had 8, trainees worldwide at the end of A total of 2, young people began traineeships at Daimler in Germany last year Promoting talent and retaining expertise within the company.

The Daimler Academic Programs are an important instrument when it comes to lifelong learning and promoting a holistic and forward-looking approach to human resources development. The programs offer employees with or without a college education the opportunity to obtain academic degrees and certificates through a full-time or part-time course of study.

This ensures that talented employees and the company as a whole will be prepared for the challenges of the future. This pilot program was launched in with an initial group of 20 participants at four company locations in Germany.

Report sustainability in audi ag

We have launched a variety of activities as part of our diversity management initiative. They range from diversity workshops and mentoring programs to the establishment of employee networks.

Our commitment to such activities underscores our determination to make diversity a value factor in our human resources processes and our corporate culture.

Our main goals at the moment are to increase the proportion of women in managerial positions gender diversityraise intercultural awareness and promote effective generation management.

Our instruments for supporting the targeted promotion of women include flexible working-time models, childcare facilities close to work and special mentoring programs.

As a technologically oriented company, when we defined our targets we took into account industry-specific conditions as well as the current proportion of women at Daimler AG In order to enhance intercultural awareness, we organize special regional diversity conferences. Additional measures in this context include training programs and workshops on intercultural cooperation, international job assignments and the targeted recruitment of employees and managers with an international background.

Our networking efforts also make an important contribution to the further internationalization of our workforce. Increasingly volatile markets are making it ever more important to establish flexible working arrangements that allow us to exploit market opportunities and reduce risks.

Within the framework of our human resources and employment strategy, we utilize instruments such as flexible working-hour models, working-time account management systems, personnel rotations and temporary work programs. Working-time accounts in particular make it possible to variably distribute working time in line with workload fluctuations and the needs of individual employees.

Temporary work enables the company to react quickly and flexibly to fluctuations in demand, and therefore to safeguard the core workforce. This year too, the Daimler Board of Management would once again like to thank all the members of the workforce for their commitment.When it comes to comfort, style, and dynamics, the Audi Q5 will win you over from the first moment.

Expressive appearance, powerful drive, and pioneering technology - meet the all-new Audi Q5. Book a . AUDI AG has been producing automobiles at its site in Aurangabad in the Indian federal state of Maharashtra since September The Audi A3 Sedan*, Audi A4 Sedan*, Audi A6 Sedan* and the Audi Q3*, Audi Q5* and Audi Q7* are produced at the plant of Skoda Auto India Private Limited (SAIPL).

Audi is committed to its corporate responsibility and has anchored the principle of sustainability for its products and processes in its strategy. The long term goal is CO2 neutral mobility. At the Annual General Meeting of AUDI AG, the company presented its Corporate Responsibility Report , in which it reports on targets and activities in the field of sustainability.

Audi intends to take a leading role also in this respect. Annual Report Divisions.

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The Volkswagen Group inspires customers all over the world with its unique brand diversity, attractive vehicles and innovative financial services. The Volkswagen Group recorded an operating profit of € billion in fiscal year , significantly exceeding the prior-year figure.

Global Autonomous Vehicles Market - Analysis & Forecast () (Focus on Major Levels of Technology and Vehicle Types) Automobiles are one of the most important components of the transportation system, and have emerged as an essential necessity for . SAMACO Automotive is the sole agent of Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At SAMACO Automotive we offer the sales of new and pre-owned cars including vehicle leasing and a full after-sales support team to ensure the expectations of our customers are always exceeded. Nissan's Sustainability Report highlights cuts in CO2 emissions, increased renewable power use, recycled materials in new models, and growing EV penetration.

Audi. Number one premium brand. Since Bayer's Integrated Annual Report combines our financial and our sustainability reporting. Integrated reporting means that Bayer will no longer publish a separate Sustainable Development aim in integrating the two previous publications is to elucidate the interactions between financial, ecological and societal factors and underline their influence on our company’s long.

Report: Sustainability in Audi Ag