One of the earliest writings in the world beowulf

Now archaeologists in Demark have excavated the sixth-century great dining hall at the centre of the epic work. Craftsmen came from far and wide to work on the hall, and before long it was finished. Hrothgar named the hall Heorot, and there, as he had promised, he held feasts for his people, gave out gold rings and other gifts.

One of the earliest writings in the world beowulf

Perhaps you might think of Beowulf. Someone religiously minded might mention Vedic texts, or perhaps the earliest writings found in the Hebrew Bible.

While these literary classics are, indeed, old, a learned library science professional could probably tell you that the earliest books are from the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia and the Middle East: Sumerian, Akkadian and Egyptian. The earliest examples of literature that we have date from BC, during the early Bronze Age.

This literature is interesting, and offers a look at the thought process of early civilization. A look at examples of the earliest literature might warrant a library science grant or fellowship.

Examples from these early writings are often found inscribed on clay tablets, and, in some cases, in other mediums. And, of course, the language used is very different from modern Western languages.

But, in the end, these oldest books represent the cultural heritage of us all. Here are the 20 oldest books of all time: Sumerian No one is exactly sure where the Sumerians came from, but they may have come from Iran or India.

Their language was different, though, from the Semitic peoples inhabiting Mesopotamia when they arrived.

Sumer occupied the area we know as southern Iraq — the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Sumer was composed of city-states, each with its own ruler.

However, these city-states comprised a civilization. Many consider Sumer the first cohesive civilization. Representing what is known as Sumerian wisdom literature, the Instructions of Shuruppak was meant to teach virtue and community standards.

This is a book of law. The rules in the Code of Uruagina were part of an effort to combat the corruption under a previous ruler.

One of the earliest writings in the world beowulf

Tells the story of the fall of the Akkadian empire, due to the cursing of the king, Agade. The Debate Between Bird and Fish: A philosophical essay, postulating a debate between a bird and a fish.

A number of these literary essays exist in Sumerian literature. Pre-dating the Code of Hammurabi by three centuries, the Code of Ur-Nammu has the most complete set of laws of old books.

When the great Sumerian city of Ur fell to the Elamites, the literary Lament for Ur was written to express the sorrow of the patron goddess of the city. Enmerkar and the Lord of Arrata: A great, legendary account of the conflict between two great kings.

Many scholars have drawn parallels between some of the themes in Enmerkar and the Lord of Arrata and the Tower of Babel story. Akkadian The culture of Akkad rose side by side with that of Sumer, although located originally further south.

However, the Akkadians eventually became what many historians and scholars consider the first true empire. At least, it was the largest empire seen up to that point.Middle English Literature: Essays and Articles.

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Beowulf is the oldest narrative poem in the English language, embodying historical traditions that go back to actual events and personages in fifth- and sixth-century Scandinavia.

One of the earliest writings in the world beowulf

On definitive ground, we can describe Beowulf as the longest surviving poem in Old English and one of the earliest European epics written in the vernacular (rather than in Latin). Written in unrhymed, four-beat alliterative metre of Old English poetry, it tells of the exploits of the hero Beowulf.

At this time, Beowulf, nephew of the Geatish king Hygelac, is the greatest hero in the world. He lives in Geatland, a realm not far from Denmark, in what is now southern Sweden. When Beowulf hears tales of the destruction wrought by Grendel, he decides to travel to the land of the Danes and help Hrothgar defeat the demon.

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