Minerals and how we use them essay

Nickel is vital as an alloy to stainless steel, and it plays a key roll in the chemical and aerospace industries. Leading producers are Canada, Norway, and Russia.

Minerals and how we use them essay

When I mentioned how much simpler it was to bring in a few ounces or a few pounds of the minerals that were actually needed than to pile on tons of compost and manure, she became more interested. She admitted, rather sheepishly, that her gardening operation was "addicted to chicken manure.

Not long before this conversation, I had noticed a "free manure" sign in front of a veterinary hospital that I drove past regularly.

This was a large-animal facility specializing in horses, and they had a stable behind the clinic, sort of an "in-patient" wing. I thought about the drugs that were undoubtedly used in treating the equine patients, and the various cleaners and sterilants that would need to be used in a stable for sick horses, and I wondered how many "organic" gardeners were picking up this free manure and using it on their vegetables.

Also around this same time, I was helping out at very large garden that was growing food for the community food bank and I offered to do a soil test and recommendations for them.

Notes on the listings

The results from that soil test were a real eye-opener: One area of about 5, square feet had the highest levels of Copper, Zinc, and Boron that I had ever seen. I asked the garden manager just what had been used for fertilizer, and he told me a story about having had enough chicken manure delivered to cover the whole garden, but some volunteers had showed up when he wasn't there and spread the whole load on this one small area.

He said that he had tried to shovel it back into wheelbarrows and spread it around better, but this one area had gotten way more than intended. Interestingly, although the Phosphorus and Potassium levels were high, they weren't exceptional.

It was the Cu, Zn, and B that were through the roof. The fertilizer breakdowns of manure that I've looked at generally only give levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, sometimes Sodium.

None of them tell me anything about any drugs, hormones, or disinfectants the farmer may be using, or what may have been added to the animal feed. From my reading in the ecological literature, though, I have discovered that one of the biggest dangers in water pollution is the high level of dissolved pharmaceutical drugs found in the supposedly "treated" water flowing out of sewage treatment plants.

The sewage treatment plants are dealing with human waste, of course, but we all know that many if not most large livestock operations give their animals drugs to keep them "healthy" or at least alive in their crowded and unnatural living conditions.

Many dairies use the rGBH growth hormone for cattle, and most feedlots for fattening cattle use large amounts of antibiotics. It's also worth mentioning that most of the cotton, corn, and soy grown in the US these days is genetically modified, GMO, and most of that genetic modification is for herbicide resistance, so most of the feedstock has been sprayed with herbicides a number of times.

Minerals and how we use them essay

None of the manure from these operations is treated with the care given to human waste; usually it is just piled up for a while until they can find someone to haul it away. It could and probably does have anything in it. And all of it, mind you, is accepted and used for "organic" gardening and farming.

That's the bad news. There is some good news mixed in, sort of. Going back to the chicken manure with the high levels of Copper, Zinc, and Boron, where did those come from?

It turns out that commercial livestock growers and feed manufacturers are well aware of the value of and need for minerals in the diet. They have a lot invested in those animals and they want rapid and sustained growth. I doubt that one could find a cow pasture in the country that doesn't have a mineral block sitting out, and those aren't just 'salt blocks", they have the whole spectrum of trace minerals in them and are specially formulated to supply the minerals usually lacking in various areas of the country.

The chicken farmers know about this too, and the pig farmers. They know, or their feed manufacturers know, that Copper and Zinc added to the feed ration increases growth, and that Boron is essential for the utilization of Calcium.

Those minerals are in the feed or provided to the animals "free choice" as an economic necessity. They must be added to the feed ration because the soil on which the grains and legumes and hay were grown didn't contain those minerals in the proper amounts or balance.

Meanwhile, us humans are wandering around the middle aisles of the grocery store filling our shopping carts up with food that doesn't have nearly the mineral content of what the factory farm animals are fed, and we are wondering why we are always craving something.

One could say that the grocery business doesn't make money on satisfying hunger. Whatever the motivations, most manure from commercial livestock operations contains trace minerals, and it may be those minerals that caused the lady who I wrote about at the beginning of this article to have a garden that was "addicted" to chicken manure.

Zinc, Copper, and Boron are growth stimulants for plants, too. Unfortunately, that manure may also be loaded with drugs, antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals such as dewormers, disinfectants, pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs. And we just don't know. Even if the minerals in the manure are minerals we want and need in our gardens, we generally have no way of knowing how much of which mineral is in the manure.

Note, please, that I have no problem with using good quality well-composted manure for gardening. If you raise livestock on healthy organic feed, or have access to manure from someone who does, count yourself very fortunate.

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Compost and Minerals or Why Does My Garden Need a Soil Test? March 23, We all know that a fertile soil grows better crops, just as we all know that nutritious food grows a healthier body, and the same minerals that make the soil fertile are the minerals that make food more nutritious.

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Minerals and how we use them essay

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