Hr strategies of samsung

Many times, HR strategy becomes the reason for company to stand strong and grow big to rule the world.

Hr strategies of samsung

HR strategy is the most important aspect of all. The strategy will determine how the HR process will run and how to make sure that it work and assist the organization to achieve their goal. When the strategy has been set up, it will be the basic foundation on how HR department make plan and do their job in all level.

Arranging the HR strategy involved many aspects and thereby the HR people need to make evaluation on these aspects. Basically there are four aspects that need to be look out when HR people were working on their strategies. They need to consider the culture of the organization, the organization itself, and the people in there and of course the general HR system.

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The culture of the organization such as the norm, values and belief that become the standard of organization is affecting the strategy. The HR strategy must walk within the line of this culture and this moral believe or it will be ineffective strategy. The organization aspect refers to the organization structure itself, the position that was needed and job description.

The culture and the organization line will affect HR people to work on their HR system from recruiting, training, and everything about that. They need to consider the people who will and already work there based on their skill level, their capability in management and everything else about the individual.

How does the HR department work on their strategy? Once they evaluate the whole aspects mentioned before, then they can start to work on the strategy by aligning their initiative in the first place.

Samsung: Vertical Integration and Product Volume

After that they can work on the budget, how much it will fit to the organization and if it was necessary, make some adjustment on it.

Click here to download for FREE: Of course it will take lots of hard work from monitoring it, evaluate it, and of course made some change to fit the situation. If the whole things work, then the organization can except to have better achievement in all area. This is the basic principle of arranging HR strategy in every company or organization.

This is where every HR people should start their work before jump on and develop certain HR system. Once again, this is the basic line and it can develop in different way on different organization. An organization could use their own strategy based on what they think will work the best on their line of work.

Samsung is an international brand and it means they have to be really creative on their strategy to makes sure that it could assist the company to achieve their future goals. This company has developed their own point of view or slogan that determined how they work. This slogan is become the soul or the basic of HR strategy that they use.

Hr strategies of samsung

SVP stands for Share Samsung Value where everything was done to make sure that everyone including the employee and the public will have a trust on the Samsung value. SLP stands for Samsung Leader Program where they want to cultivate and develop the next generation leader by educated them.

The HR strategy that this company uses is not only working for people inside the company but also to public people. This is understandable though, since this company needs to be part of public awareness and what will be better way to achieve this purpose other than involve public in their strategy.

This is an example of how HR strategy is different on every organization and people who works in there are those who knows it better. HR strategy is important and it is not the subject to be argued with. It is more to how people plan it based on the organization they work with.

Once it has been set up, it needs to be pillar of the organization where everyone works based on it, in order to achieve their main goal.HR Strategy at Apple Make Their Employees Creative and Innovative A success of a company is not only a result of incredible manufacturing capability and great location.

Many times, HR strategy becomes the reason for company to stand strong and grow big to rule the world. One of Samsung's human resources strategies is to recruit the highest-quality personnel from around the world, regardless of nationality, by focusing on those who have Masters and Doctorate degrees in all areas of management, such as research and development, marketing, finance, design and information technology.

HR has been instrumental in the success of Samsung’s talent management strategy. This session will help you understand the complexity of large national (local) organization transforming itself into a leading global multinational corporation.

HR as strategic Partner is gaining momentum as being one of the best way yet in making human resources as the most important asset in an organization. "Being a strategic partner" is understood as a long-term relationship .

At Samsung, we care about the wellness of our people. We invest in excellent health coverage, generous k matching, paid parental leave and reimbursement options for education and fitness.

Give back. Samsung Management Philosophy is devoted human resources and technology to create superior products and services. Good HR practices by Samsung is a key factor of the development and capturing international markets by Samsung.3/5(2).

Case Study: How Samsung’s HR Strategy Led to Innovation and Worldwide Growth | On Demand