Discuss the human impact on oceans

Aerial view of Barringer Crater in Arizona Artifacts recovered with tektites from the ,year-old Australasian strewnfield event in Asia link a Homo erectus population to a significant meteorite impact and its aftermath. Holocene The Rio Cuarto craters in Argentina were produced approximately 10, years ago, at the beginning of the Holocene. If proved to be impact craters, they would be the first impact of the holocene. The Campo del Cielo "Field of Heaven" refers to an area bordering Argentina's Chaco Province where a group of iron meteorites were found, estimated as dating to 4,—5, years ago.

Discuss the human impact on oceans

Divide your class into groups, and have each group prepare for the activity by mixing food dye into water, pouring the water into an ice cube tray, and freezing it. Display a globe and have your students observe that all the oceans on Earth are connected to form one "world ocean.

Then tell students that they are going to perform an experiment to demonstrate how the colder waters nearer the poles and the warmer waters nearer the equator mix together and move to create ocean currents.

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The students in each group should fill a clear baking dish with warm tap water to represent the warm water near the equator. Instruct students to place one ice cube at each end of the baking dish, representing the cold water near the poles.

Invite them to predict what will happen as the ice cubes melt. Students will observe that the cold colored water sinks and moves along the bottom of the baking dish toward the warmer water in the middle; the warmer water moves toward the ends of the baking dish; as the cold water begins to warm, it begins to rise.

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Students should record the results of their experiment, accompanying their reports with labeled diagrams and an explanation of how differences in water temperature in different parts of the "world ocean" cause ocean currents.

Have students use research materials and the Internet to find out more about ocean currents and how they affect our weather and life on Earth. Adaptations Adaptations for Older Students: Suggest students read Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl to find out how the author replicated the voyage that ancient mariners may have made from Peru to Indonesia on primitive balsa rafts, guided only by ocean currents on which they floated.

Consider the weather at the equator in comparison to the weather at the poles. How do the oceans affect the weather in your immediate community? How do oceans deal with the large amount of carbon dioxide produced by humans? What are some ideas that scientists have about the ways global warming will affect the oceans?

Should shoreline communities be taking any actions regarding global warming? Discuss why it is important to study ocean currents. Include in your discussion ways that plants, animals, and humans use ocean currents.

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Are there historical events that were shaped by ocean currents? Are there present-day events that have been impacted by ocean currents? All the water on land eventually reaches the ocean.

Discuss how the area you live in impacts the environmental quality of the ocean. Can you describe areas that might add toxic material to the ocean?

Are there ways in which your community works to protect the ocean? Debate whether more money should be spent to explore space or to explore the ocean floor.

Discuss the human impact on oceans

The United Nations has established the Law of the Sea. Discuss how this policy supports the idea that the ocean remains sustainable for the society, culture, and environment of a particular area.Polar marine regions are facing rapid changes induced by climate change, with consequences for local faunal populations, but also for overall ecosystem functioning, goods and services.

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The space environment is pretty much the opposite of the conditions that humans evolved for, to the point where an unprotected human exposed to .

We assess climate impacts of global warming using ongoing observations and paleoclimate data. We use Earth’s measured energy imbalance, paleoclimate data, and simple representations of the global carbon cycle and temperature to define emission reductions needed to stabilize climate and avoid potentially disastrous impacts on .

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