Communalism essay

Conceptional Background of Communalism:

Communalism essay

Broad definition of communalism and the problems associated with causes. Efforts needed to check communalism. Curfew is generally clamped for a few days following the violence in extreme cases. In India, communalism generally implies religious conflicts.

Communalism essay existence of such communities in a place is a matter of no great concern by itself. Misunderstandings and opposed views of the communities may also result in communal violence.

Sometimes a trifling incident, even a rumour, could result in a Communalism essay. Communalism is not unique to India. It has been witnessed on a global scale though in varying degrees. Racial clashes have been witnessed between the blacks and the whites in America.

Even clashes between the various sects of the same religion are heard of. The rise of communalism in India has been consigned by many to the modern times. It is said that for centuries different communities have co-existed peacefully in India.

Communalism essay

The British government greatly encouraged rise of communalism in India by adopting various measures and design. These were essentially aimed at stemming the tide of the national movement which was strengthening its grip upon the masses. Thus the British encouraged the leaders of the national movement to think on communal lines in order to bring about the good of their respective communities.

The British also played communities in turn.

However, the growth of communalism in India can be traced to certain factors that grew of the national movement itself. The Punjab Hindu Sabha founded in lay the foundation of Hindu Mahasabha and the Aligarh movement in its later stages sought the interests of specific communities.

The use of religious symbols and idioms by some leaders, the press and writers to mobilise support of the people intensified communal politics. The growth of communalism form that time onwards to this day has had a negative impact on the progress of the nation.

Communalism continues to pose hurdles in the way of nation-building by thwarting steps towards growth and prosperity. Progress is possible only when a nation can unitedly march onwards.

Divisive forces such as communalism provide only a setback to the realisation of this goal. Where the communities involved in communal violence are concerned, the sufferings of their people and their near and dear ones only intensify the pain, anger and hatred.

Communalism essay

In other words communalism breeds communal feelings. The destruction of materialwealth and, above all, men is not only a loss for the communities concerned but is also a national loss.

In spite of this knowledge, hoverer, little has been done since the time of independence to check communalism in India. Actually, the constitution itself may have come loopholes allowing different rules for different communities. But there has been no attempt to check communal passions.

With politics increasingly taking up a communal form, political parties and leaders, even if not communal outrighthave encouraged communal feelings by catering to the demands of religious communities for the sake of winning votes and popularity.

Parties during elections do not ignore the communal factor. The administrative machinery and the police do not fuction uninfluenced by communalism. The communal fever has risen to such a pitch that now communalism is openly flaunted by political leaders and common people alike.

What must be done to check the spread of the communal virus? The government must sincerely recognise communalism as a social ill and condemn it while encouraging the various administrative organs to give up communalism. Communalists must be debarred from contesting elations.

The law to discourage the use of communalism must be tightened and implemented at the earliest. Most of all, it is the spread of education among the people that can check the evil of communalism.

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People also need to realise that they are often exploited by vested interests that encourage communalism for their petty gains. Communalism is an ill that has pervaded modern Indian.Here is an essay on ‘Communalism’ for class 9, 10, 11 and Find paragraphs, long and short essays on ‘Communalism’ especially written for school and college students.

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Main Causes of Communalism in India are as follows: Communalism has been a national menace, a mental disease and a big social evil. The need is, everyone agrees, to eliminate this menace. For finding remedies, it is essential for us to identify the causes behind the presence of communalism.

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