Coa human ecology essays

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Coa human ecology essays

After a day of romping in the snow, we love nothing more than to enjoy hot cocoa and watch the Kilcher Family survive the much colder climes of coastal Alaska.

The Kilchers are an extended family of homesteaders whose ancestors got away from it all in the s.

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Reading McPhee, watching Discovery Channel, building snow forts, and writing a recent grant have brought my thoughts on self-reliance into focus and have even got me thinking about the subject as a pillar of the COA curriculum. As a context-setting introduction to a recent grant, I put the following paragraphs together: Over the past century, we have become increasingly disjointed from — and ultimately ignorant of — the origins of these two sources of human fuel.

As such, we have naively accepted the myth that we can buy or consume our way out of the problem: As such, I imagine the blend of the back to the land movement with the emerging maker movement as Back to the Land 2.

Coa human ecology essays

Self-reliance is central to BTTL 2. For the maker community self-reliance is not the same thing that drives someone to join a militia in the panhandle of Idaho. To me, this compassionate, community-focused self-reliance feels like it should become a core component of how, what and why we teach and learn human ecology at COA.

Coa human ecology essays

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human ecology essay If you want to build a ship, don’t drum people together to collect wood, and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather, teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.

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Human Ecology Essay. The Human Ecology Essay is a work of exposition, argumentation, extended description, or narration in which a student expresses her or his view of Human Ecology.

The form and content of Human Ecology Essays vary widely. 6.

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