Can we save planet earth

Background[ edit ] The format of Saving Planet Earth was something of a departure for the Unit, using celebrities not normally associated with natural history programmes rather than selecting a familiar face from its pool of specialists. The season began with a special hour-long programme on BBC One entitled "Sharing Planet Earth", a clarion call for action to conserve nature, presented by David Attenborough. It was followed by nine documentaries broadcast nightly over the course of a fortnight, in which celebrities investigated the plight of endangered species.

Can we save planet earth

Can We Save Planet Earth? The title of the documentary is somewhat misleading, as the planet will continue to survive the real question is whether or not humans will exist in significant numbers or not.

What kind of Climate Change is going to happen in the next years?

Can we save planet earth

The MET climate models calculate that global temperatures will continue to increase with a range between 1. The big scary question is how much higher will it go, the answer depends highly upon human activity. Their home is powered by an electric grid which in turn is powered by fossil fuels, their two cars powered by fossil fuelsemit a substantial amount of carbon 10 tons of carbon a year per car.

Can we save planet earth

Additional carbon is also produced by their trash and waste as it decomposes in landfills, which releases even more carbon. After pleasure and business air travel is added to the Carbons total they will have contributed 45 tons of greenhouse emissions to the atmosphere per year.

Along with increased temperature comes the addition of an increase in extreme weather events, flash floods and extended droughts. The Katrina Hurricane damage and death toll was a good example of what happens when technology such as multiple levees which had functioned quite well since the 17th Century are now no matched to deal the hurricanes and flooding that are now occurring, many of which are even much more powerful than the one that hit New Orleans.

Australian bush fires are increasing in frequency and severity, previous methods of containment are not proving to be adequate protection for homes and businesses. The northern Arctic ice cap in the last 20 years has been reduced in size by twice the size of Texas, or five times the size of the United Kingdom, which easily qualifies as a remarkable pace for loss of sea ice.

13 Ways You Can Help Save the Planet on Earth Day

Inat the south pole the Antarctica Larsen B ice shelf larger than the entire US state of Rhode Island totally disintegrated over the course of two months. In some Amazon rivers ran dry, which by definition should not happen in a rainforest. Also fires have started to break out in the Amazon Rainforest, which previously had been relatively immune to such events.

The loss of a significant percentage of the Amazon rainforest due to fire could easily be a major tipping point in the global warming story, that could occur almost over night. The Western world has up until this point in world history been responsible for the largest contribution of carbon to the atmosphere, but that is quickly changing as China and India add more carbon producing amenities, China alone is projected to become the largest contributor in the next 20 years.

The Oceans of the world are currently absorbing up to half of the carbon being released, which in turn makes the oceans more acidic.

Personal or household Carbon Reduction solutions Dressing warmer inside the home during the cold season in the home allowing less wasted energy having the thermostat turned up to high. Unplug electric Items that remain on standby power.

Switch to more fuel efficient light bulbs Increasing home insulation.Are We Changing Planet Earth? and Can We Save Planet Earth?

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are two programmes that form a documentary about global warming, presented by David Attenborough. They were first broadcast in the United Kingdom on 24 May and 1 June respectively. SAVE PLANET EARTH Introduction: Why are some people just thinking with their money and not with theirs heart? How could you throw your batteries, glass bottles, chemicals in the nature and think that they will disappear without consequences.

BBC Four - Can We Save Planet Earth?

I see it every day, do not you? We have to save the earth before it's too late. First of all take care of the nature is a good thing for everyone. Jun 01,  · Acknowledging the scientific consensus on the issue, the debate will steer clear of the pointless "skeptics vs.

alarmist" angle and focus on what we can do as individuals, a nation and a species to avert the impacts of climate change/10(60).

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Watch Your Water Use Hopefully, you’ll be ringing in Earth Day by completing our LCA pledge of washing less. Unzipped recently gave you the lowdown on 17 other ways you can save water everyday, from knocking minutes of your shower to reusing your towels. Pledge to do at least a few of them on Earth Day, and for weeks to come.

13 Ways You Can Help Save the Planet on Earth Day. April 13, posted by: Through small actions — for example, washing less — we can make a big impact. Our LCA Pledge may be wrapping up soon, but here are 13 ways you can take action to make the environment healthier on Earth Day.

But why stop there? Unzipped recently . We can save our planet earth by saving our trees, natural vegetation, natural resources, water, electricity.

We can take measures for controlling environmental pollution and global warming. Save trees.

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