Business report template joomla download

Discussion C-Lodder - comment - 15 Dec This can be done via a template override. There are several rules and regulations that Joomla doesn't obide by using options, but if the user can perform a template override, then this is fine. Which is asinine because a link should be more than enough instead of the mandatory wall of text inlined into the page. C-Lodder - comment - 15 Dec brianteeman - seemed pretty easy:

Business report template joomla download

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business report template joomla download

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Joomla CentOS. Additional comments. This can be done via a template override. There are several rules and regulations that Joomla doesn't obide by using options, but if the user can perform a template override, then this is fine.

And we are not going to get into the business of hardcoding com_users to update a specific plugin's.

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