Bob survey abnormal psychology film analysis

Emily Harper, PharmD Candidate Faculty Perspective What About Bob is a great, and comedic, example of a dysfunctional and inappropriate patient-psychiatrist relationship. Leo Marvin Richard Dreyfuss did not know what we he was getting into when his colleague asked him to take Bob on as a patient.

Bob survey abnormal psychology film analysis

While being somewhat ridiculous and exaggerated, this film is also able to convey the reality of these disorders and the often extreme affects that they are associated with. While there are many other characters that could be assessed and diagnosed with some condition, the most pertinent character in regards to this study is Bob Wiley and due to the fact that he portrays so many different disorders, I will focus solely on his interesting and outrageous character.

Based on the relationship between a therapist and his bizarre patient, this film conveys realistic issues through a comedic perspective.

"What About Bob?" Survey of Abnormal Psychology film analysis | Essay Example

The movie begins by established Dr. Leo Marvin as a successful, composed, professional therapist that is at the top of his game and feels ready to take on any patient. What he does not know is, that his next client, while drive him to the brink of insanity.

Marvin is introduced to Bob Wiley, a man of many disorders, from a friend and suggested to take him on as his new patient. Marvin quickly realizes, however, that Bob has immense dependency issues which eventually lead to deathly tensions between the two.

Bob instantly becomes attached to Marvin and goes to extreme measures to be near him. Along with many other issues, Bob has a fear of germs, fear of elevators, and fear of sleeping unless pointed in the proper direction according to a compass along with more serious issues such as anxiety disorders and specific phobias.

The movie continues to progress as Marvin continues to rise in his insanity levels, causing him attempt to kill Bob who is of course ignorant to his plans. At the conclusion of the movie, Marvin somewhat returns to his normal self, however, Bob forever maintains his perpetually annoying characteristics and disorders.

While there are many characters that could be psychologically analyzed, Bob Wiley is the one that will be given all of the attention for his disorders are numerous and fascinating. He has a difficult time leaving his house, riding the elevator and performing simple tasks.

However, many of his anxiety symptoms are caused from his multitude of phobias. Because he is afraid of so many things, he is constantly in a state of panic and anxiety.

Besides these two major fears, Bob shows signs for being a classic multi-phobic and fearing just about anything. Because Bob is afraid of so many aspects regarding his daily routine, he is constantly dealing with anxiety issues, stemming from his multitude of phobias.

As hinted at earlier, Bob also demonstrates a slight personality disorder, in that he is completely dependent and attached to Dr.

“What About Bob?” Survey of Abnormal Psychology film analysis Sample Essay Example | Graduateway

He even states himself that his behavior drove his earlier therapist out of the psychology field. Additionally, when Bob makes up stories, impersonates Dr. He further demonstrates his dependence through his separation anxiety while laying in bed, not knowing where his doctor was vacationing.

This film definitely presented these concepts well, and did so in a clear and accurate manner. In conclusion, What About Bob? However, by watching this film, it provides an opportunity to become better acquainted with the reality of disorders and phobias and helps us realize that real people do struggle with these issues.

For example, this clip portrayed a man who was afraid of germs and disease, just like Bob. This series then follows the lives of these people suffering from anxiety in order to try to help them overcome their issues.Analysis of “Lost” by Isaac Bashevis Singer Essay Sample.

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Bob survey abnormal psychology film analysis

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Survey of Abnormal Psychology film analysis. Topics: What About PSYC Abnormal Psychology On-Line What About Bob "Multi-phobic personality characterized by acute separation anxiety" This is Dr.

Leo Marvin's diagnosis of Bob Wiley in the movie What About Bob. Feb 23,  · [Leo has a rifle pointed at Bob] "What are we doing? " "Death Therapy, Bob. It's a guaranteed cure." PSYCHOLOGY IN THE MEDIA ABBEY FLOYD Part 1 Analysis of What About Bob What About Bob is a comedy film that is not only enjoyable to watch, but also provides some perfect examples of psychological.

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“What About Bob?” is a comedy starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. Murray’s character, Bob Wiley, is a “multiphobic personality in a constant state of panic.” We see this from the beginning of the movie when Bob has to go outside of his apartment.

Survey of Abnormal Psychology film analysis Essay doctor. Meeting with the patient, Bob Wiley, begins an odd relationship. When we are introduced to In my analysis of the film “What about Bob”, the main character exhibited several psychological issues.

The main three that I will be discussing will be bob’s fear of disease, general.

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“What About Bob?” Survey of Abnormal Psychology film analysis Essay Sample | Essay Example