Attempt to write a readonly database tortoise svn

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Attempt to write a readonly database tortoise svn

Bob Tanner, Martin Pool, Distribution archives for 1. Robert Collins, Fix "is not a stackable format" error when pushing a stackable-format branch with an unstackable-format repository to a destination with a default stacking policy.

Andrew Bennetts bzr log --line now indicates which revisions are merges with [merge] after the date. Scripts which parse the output of this command may need to be adjusted. Neil Martinsen-Burrell bzr reconfigure now supports --with-trees and --with-no-trees options to change the default tree-creation policy of shared repositories.

attempt to write a readonly database tortoise svn

Martin Pool Filtered views provide a mask over the tree so that users can focus on a subset of a tree when doing their work. See Filtered views in chapter 7 of the User Guide and bzr help view for details. John Arbash Meinel Multiple authors for a commit can now be recorded by using the "--author" option multiple times.

James Westby, New clean-tree command, from bzrtools.

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Aaron Bentley, Jelmer Vernoij New command bzr launchpad-open opens a Launchpad web page for that branch in your web browser, as long as the branch is on Launchpad at all.

Jonathan Lange Improvements All bzr Hooks classes are now registered in bzrlib. This removes the separate list from bzrlib. Further, documentation for hooks is now dynamically generated from the present HookPoints. Robert Collins bzr add no longer prints add completed on success. in tortoisesvn | source code search engine

Failure still prints an error message. Robert Collins bzr branch now has a --no-tree option which turns off the generation of a working tree in the new branch. Jelmer Vernooij, bzr -v info now omits the number of committers branch statistic, making it many times faster for large projects.

To include that statistic in the output, use bzr -vv info. Ian Clatworthy bzr push to a bzr url bzr: Building the working tree now batches up requests into approx 5MB requests, rather than a separate request for each file.

Jelmer Vernooij The bzr shelve prompt now includes a '? Daniel Watkins, bzr lp-open now falls back to the push location if it cannot find a public location. Jonathan Lange, bzr lp-open will try to find the Launchpad URL for the location passed on the command line.

attempt to write a readonly database tortoise svn

This makes bzr lp-open lp: Jonathan Lange, bzr send now supports MH-E via emacsclient. Vincent Ladeuil, Bazaar now gives a better message including the filename if it's unable to read a file in the working directory, for example because of a permission error. Vincent Ladeuil,bzr send help is more specific about how to apply merge directives.

Neil Martinsen-Burrell, bzr missing now uses Repository.TortoiseSVN Commits failing: “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”, “Attempt to write a readonly database” Ask Question up vote 3 down vote favorite. # German translation of Subversion # Deutsche Übersetzung von Subversion # # Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one # or more contributor license agreements.

svn: “sqlite: attempt to write a readonly database” C#操作SQLite 报错 (Attempt to write a read-only database) django访问数据库出错 OperationalError: attempt to write a readonly database; WINCE 写SQLiet的时候提示Attempt to write a read-only database;.

I am using Tortoise SVN on Windows. I have a deep directory structure (using cakephp).

I found those conflicts because Tortoise SVN leaves the list of updated files for you to easily browse through if curious. One of my biggest frustrations with working with Team Foundation Server and other source control is how difficult it is to recreate that natural workflow. select a "SQLite" database in a "Type of Database" field. in a "Hostname" field, you must write a SQLite database file name with a fully qualified path name. almost other fields are ignored (for ). Get notifications on updates for this project. Get the SourceForge newsletter. Get newsletters and notices that include site news, special offers and exclusive discounts about IT products & services.

After creating several files I then went through and +added them. The new files show a? next to them and a +. select a "SQLite" database in a "Type of Database" field.

in a "Hostname" field, you must write a SQLite database file name with a fully qualified path name. almost other fields are ignored (for ). The only concern is tortoise will not work well when combined with command line svn (via cygwin), requires some tweaking. But if you are using Windows almost exclusively, then tortoise is great in 90% of situations, if you are used to a windows environment its super easy to use.

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