An analysis of the use of crack in the modern society for the adolescents

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Technological advancements have afforded modern society with hour work operations, transmeridian travel and exposure to a myriad of electronic devices such as televisions, computers and cellular phones.

An analysis of the use of crack in the modern society for the adolescents

Accepted 7 February Method: A cross-sectional study was carried out with students in two secondary schools Available online 11 June in Mexico City. A total of students participated: A self-administered questionnaire was applied.

Over half of the adolescents reported psychological or physical violence exerted Alcohol by their parents, and 1 in 10, sexual violence. The proportion of use of the 3 substances Drugs was similar in both sexes.

Logistic regression analysis for males showed that psychological violence, exerted by either parent, implied twice the risk for the victims to use tobacco.

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For males, having suffered sexual violence increased the risk of consuming drugs various times. For females, being a victim of multiple forms of violence within the family increased the risk of consuming tobacco, alcohol and drugs notably, in comparison to non-victims. Treatment programs for young people who have suffered family violence should consider adolescence not only as a stage of vulnerability for substance use but also as a critical time to implement preventive measures.

For these measures, a joint strategy for both parents and adolescents should be considered, not only to stop the violence but also warn the parents about the serious consequences of the same.

Introduction It is known that the various types of violence occurring within the familiar environment may have mental health repercus- sions on its victims.

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Nevertheless, further studies that allow for the identification of variations and specificities to help understand family violence and its conse- quences are needed, given that these are complex phenomena. In Mexico, the first studies on family violence focused on violence exerted toward children, and centered on the doc- umentation of extreme cases such as violent physical shaking and its consequences Loredo et al.

Although previous studies exist, principally at the international level, on family violence and its probable link to substance use, certain considerations need to be taken into account.

Results of research with solely these samples, which concentrate the most serious cases possibly generating an important bias, cannot be applied to the wider population Bensley et al. At the same time, research is often intended to investigate the effects of only one dimension of violence, be it physical, sexual, or psychological, and not necessarily the combined effects.

In other words, little research has been carried out on what happens when one is a victim of multiple forms of family violence and particularly, if this could increase the risk of substance use in adolescents. The above is important given that studies such as that of Perez have found that although physical and sexual violence are by themselves strong predictors for the use of illegal drugs by adolescents, the probability of consuming drugs, and doing so at an earlier age, is increased considerably when these two types of violence are reported concurrently.

This occurs independently of control factors such as academic level, family structure and low- income levels. In this same vein, Moran, Vuchinich, and Hall found that if physical and sexual violence are reported, the risk of consuming tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs increases various times in adolescents, compared to those reporting only one form of violence.

It is interesting to observe that although this study includes emotional mistreatment, which has been associated principally with the use of tobacco and alcohol by adolescents, it does not include a combined measure of violence to understand the joint effects, along with the other forms of violence.

In addition, in the above-mentioned studies, although they distinguish between the types of violence suffered and add a combined measure of violence physical and sexualthey did not include who had been the perpetrator of the violence.

An analysis of the use of crack in the modern society for the adolescents

In fact, in research on family violence and substance use, it is more common to differentiate the sex of the victims but not necessarily that of the perpetrator, due to which its probable implications are unknown.

Harrier, Lambert, and Ramosin their study of physical and sexual abuse suffered by adolescents, did not set apart who had been the perpetrator of this violence, although they did distinguish, interestingly enough, the role and influence that substance use by the father or mother played.

Their results showed that physical abuse, sexual abuse, family violence and parental history of alcohol or drug use predicted substance use by adolescents. Perhaps it is in this sense that Howells and Rosenbaum observed that there is little research directed toward understanding if the sex of the perpetrator, in addition to that of the child, has some relationship on the negative effects of physical abuse in childhood, although their study associated depressive symptomatology and aggression.

For example, they found that young people who reported physical abuse in childhood by both parents or only the mother presented higher levels of aggressive conduct, and if females had been victimized by both parents or only the father, they presented more depressive symptoms.

The above reflects on the convenience of differentiating the perpetrator of the violence as well as the sex of the victim, given that the effects differ according to the specificity of the case.

This survey reported noteworthy increases in at least once-in-a-lifetime consumption of illicit drugs, principally marijuana, cocaine and inhalants, the drugs most used among adolescents 12—17 years of age Medina-Mora et al.

In the particular case of Mexico City, according to surveys among secondary and high school students, drug use has increased and levels of consumption between males and females are increasingly comparable, especially for alcohol and tobacco Villatoro et al.

As such, the objective of the present study was to attempt to determine the relationship between family violence—be it psychological or physical, exerted by the father or mother, or inter- or extra-familiar sexual violence—with tobacco, alcohol and drug use, in a sample of adolescent students.

On one hand, analysis was carried out to evaluate if differences in risk of M. Method Sample and subjects A cross-sectional, ex post facto, and non-probabilistic study was carried out. A total of students school A: Of these, Ages ranged from 12 to 16 and the mean was The aim of this article is to study the impact of violent attitudes on the drug use/violent delinquency relationship.

A total of 1, adolescents from the province of Rimini (Italy) completed a questionnaire concerning drug use, violent behaviors, and attitudes toward violence. In general, the.

- Crack cocaine is the principal cause of the dramatic rise in drug-related violence. - Drug-related juvenile arrests skyrocketed during the ’s. Today there have been more than , juveniles arrested in the United States for drug-abuse violations. The choices to use these substances have been left up to the individual and education in schools is put in place instead of making them illegal.

An analysis of the use of crack in the modern society for the adolescents

Maybe the reason meth is the biggest and worst problem in our society now is because it's not legal like these other substances are. Although our society has substantial basis for fearing the violence of certain gangs, most gang violence is directed at other gangs.

Of nearly 1, gang-related homicides in Chicago from to , 75 percent were intergang, 11 percent were intragang, and 14 percent involved nongang victims murdered by gang members (Block et al., ). SECTION ONE Drug Use in Modern Society The interaction between drugs and behavior can be Chapter01 - SECTION ONE Drug Use in Modern Analysis_of_Org_Theories 75%(4).

Science fiction It is already happening to some extent in our own society. Instead of removing the conditions that make people depressed modern society gives them antidepressant drugs.

In effect antidepressants are a means of modifying an individual's internal state in such a way as to enable him to tolerate social conditions that he would.

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