Acknowledgement example for business plan

A Foreign National is any person who is not a citizen or national of the United States. A Foreign Person is defined as any foreign interest, and any U.

Acknowledgement example for business plan

It is particularly important for unique data that cannot be readily replicated. Data sharing allows scientists to expedite the translation of research results into knowledge, products, and procedures to improve human health.

There are many reasons to share data from NIH-supported studies. Sharing data reinforces open scientific inquiry, encourages diversity of analysis and opinion, promotes new research, makes possible the testing of new or alternative hypotheses and methods of analysis, supports studies on data collection methods and measurement, facilitates the education of new researchers, enables the exploration of topics not envisioned by the initial investigators, and permits the creation of new datasets when data from multiple sources are combined.

In NIH's view, all data should be considered for data sharing. Data should be made as widely and freely available as possible while safeguarding the privacy of participants, and protecting confidential and proprietary data. To the sharing of final research data for research purposes.

To basic research, clinical studies, surveys, and other types of research supported by NIH. It applies to research that involves human subjects and laboratory research that does not involve human subjects.

It is especially important to share unique data that cannot be readily replicated. To research applications submitted beginning October 1, Policies with respect to data sharing vary across countries.

Investigators from foreign institutions and U. Even if NIH support is sought to transform or link datasets as opposed to producing a new set of datathe investigator should still include a data-sharing plan in the application. If there are limitations associated with a data-sharing agreement for the original data that preclude subsequent sharing, then the applicant should explain this in the application.

That policy directs applicants to contact in writing or by telephone IC program staff during the development process of the application but no later than 6 weeks before the anticipated submission date. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their proposed data-sharing plan with IC program staff at that time.

Final research data are recorded factual material commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to document, support, and validate research findings. This does not mean summary statistics or tables; rather, it means the data on which summary statistics and tables are based.

acknowledgement example for business plan

For most studies, final research data will be a computerized dataset. For example, the final research data for a clinical study would include the computerized dataset upon which the accepted publication was based, not the underlying pathology reports and other clinical source documents.

For some but not all scientific areas, the final dataset might include both raw data and derived variables, which would be described in the documentation associated with the dataset.

Given the breadth and variety of science that NIH supports, neither the precise content for the data documentation, nor the formatting, presentation, or transport mode for data is stipulated. What is sensible in one field or one study may not work at all for others.The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is forecasting extreme heat conditions over parts of the Hunter for the coming week.

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NIH Data Sharing Policy and Implementation Guidance

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